Blue Hills
Breeding Services




Prior to breeding season, all breeding arrangements are finalized with our clients.

Mares are extensively teased every second day, this helps minimizes vet expenses dramatically. Not only does it give us an idea on where the mares are in their cycle, it also helps us identify the spring heating mares and the shy breeders in the mob, we can also get all swabs done that are required and if any mares return dirty we can have them cleaned up early.


With spring heating mares identified they will then continue to be teased twice a week until they have gone off then they will be scanned by the vet which will tell us whether she has had an ovulation or not,if she has she can then be prepared for the next cycle for breeding. This hugely reduces the vet costs.



Blue Hills Thoroughbreds offers full time foaling services and care. Every effort is made to assure the utmost in comfort and safety to both mare and foal.


Wet mares are bought up to the foaling day yards beside the main house approximately 5 weeks prior to their due date. They are then bought into the foaling paddock at night and turned out into the day paddock during the day.


Foaling paddock's are large, clean and safe, with excellent grass coverage. There are 2 stables adjoining the main foaling yard. Both of these stables and paddock are monitored under 24 hr camera surveillance, which is connected to the computer and the television in the house. All mares due to foal and mares who have just foaled can be monitored constantly.


Once a mares foals, she is then put into an individual paddock for a week to be monitored closely, this way if any problems arise they can be addressed quickly. It is during this time the foal is handled.

For pregnant mares, owners can also have peace of mind that their expecting mares are monitored 24 Hrs a day being housed in a flood lit paddock at night until they have foaled. Once your mare foals she will be placed into one of our mothering paddocks so both mare and foal can be monitored closely.


Mares that have foals that are born with problems will be boxed in our large spacious stables until they are fit to be placed in the mothering paddocks. In the event of a difficult foaling, we have the services of experienced foal watch staff & a local veterinary practice which is on call 24 Hrs a day 7 days a week. For any other major concerns Oakey Veterinary Clinic is no more than 30 Km away


At the owners request, mares can be bred on their foal heat (first cycle post-foaling), providing their foaling was uncomplicated. They will otherwise be bred at around day 23 post-foaling. Both Wet and Dry mares are covered on a walk in basis.




All Mares are weighed monthly and closely monitored for any loss in condition.



Dr Graeme McLeod from Equivet Australia Westbrook is our repro vet,we have had a very good %rate of mares going in foal with Graeme,he is extremely experienced and best of all he is very understanding of our needs and appreciates that we are mindful of our clients in trying to keep the costs to a minimum. Blue Hills Thoroughbreds are billed by Equivet Australia for all repro work throughout the breeding season,from there we then bill the client. This way the vet doesn't have the worry of making sure all accounts are up to date. Any major injuries or operation are able to go to Oakey or Gatton for treatment after conformation from owner.